What are our other options then? Common low carb snacks include nuts. They are healthy and low in carbs. You can have your pick among the many flavors offered, even some in mixed packets. Some packets have dried fruits mixed in too. Just as these dried fruits and nuts gained popularity, so did the number of varieties being sold now in the market. Now you can have all sorts of exotic dried fruits and nuts, such as cashews and brazil nuts. Many food manufacturers now take it upon themselves to improve the quality and taste of these nuts. Unfortunately, some accomplish this by increasing the sugar content, making it unhealthy instead of beneficial. Be careful when buying nuts. Check that there is no sugar added to it. 
Finding healthy low carb snacks to munch on can be quite a chore. But it's definitely worth it. It can prevent you for going off the diet and cheating when you are hungry. You will be nourished with all the nutrients you need as well as keep your energy levels high.