What Low Carb Snack Are Out There?

Although we want to be healthy, we are still prone to human frailty. It is a Herculean task, to say the least, to avoid those sweet cakes and sugar cookies when we are so tired and famished. I always wish in those circumstances that instead of delicious look cakes and brownies or chips with dip, they had laid out some low carb snacks. Egged on by all that temptation and a hunger that won't quit, I would end up straying from my diet. Of course you'd hear people tell you to just eat small amount of food all day so you can avoid those situations, but that is easier said than done!
It's not as simple as described to carry snacks around throughout the day as a quick fix when you feel hungry. Most of the foods we cook for lunch and dinner don't fit well into a small bag or pocket. Plus there is that awkwardness of having to carry a spoon and fork around with you. Although low carb dieters can try so many low carb recipes, turning them into low carb snacks produce, at best, awkward and unsatisfactory results.
Ready to eat snacks should not require any more heating and they should also be easy to carry around without causing too much of a mess. Naturally, they should be tasty. Just because a snack is easy to carry around does not mean it is perfect, especially when the taste is not at all palatable. Now you understand why there are so few low carb snacks! It's just so difficult to meet all those criteria.
What low carb snacks can you have then? There are of course some low carb snacks. There's vegetables for example. Some stores hold celery sticks that are ready to eat in their inventory. You won't have a hard time carrying them around. Whenever you're hungry, you can simply bite into one. There isn't a lot of satisfaction to be had, though, since it is not really very filling. I always want something else to eat when I have just celery sticks!